9 beauty life hacks to ease your work fees

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It is easy to say: punctuality is the courtesy of the empresses. It is more difficult in the morning to be at least a princess and come to work without delay. How to do it?
Once, a friend of mine, who works in a famous project on the top channel, said: “We fly in an airplane with an N star for an important shooting, the journey is long, the entire television group is killed by fatigue … 20 minutes remain before landing, everyone starts whispering how to disturb the N star so that she woke up, put herself in order and was ready to go. And then, a minute in a minute, when it is time to start up, the star opens his eyes and asks: “Ready to go?” Two minutes for ladies’ decoration, and N, like a cucumber, is fresh, cheerful and energetic. The working day has begun. ” A friend noticed that almost all the stars are activated instantly. They do not have time for swinging and relaxing. They quickly come to life and instantly gather, because each step they have clearly worked out and properly organized.
I envied. For me, every working morning is an extreme journey from the pillow to the exit of the access door.
Having taken an interest in business and punctual people, I gathered some correct tips on how to save time and not to turn the morning of a working day into army fees.
Make masks for the night
Probably you, like us, are envious of the heroines of the movie who wake up with a perfect face and make-up. To look as well, many cosmetologists advise applying night mask for the face, which works all night, moisturize the skin, and in the morning, you look fresh and rested. And in the morning you don’t have to apply a dense layer of concealer under the eyes to mask the dark circles under the eyes.
Postpone social networks
Once the alarm rings on your phone, set it aside far and deep. Mentally disconnect from the world of social networks, do not look there. Otherwise, get stuck. Unfortunately, you cannot view all the news yesterday. That’s why they are news that they are all “now”, urgently and endlessly. These are whole ribbons from which it is impossible to tear themselves away. To read the messages you will have time in traffic jams, metro, and minibusses.
Save time: at least 15 minutes.
Wash your hair before bed.
Almost every office worker washes her hair every day, it takes a lot of time to dry and lay.
One of my friends suggested a life hack of beautiful fast styling. She was forced to do this “invention” by a classic tour of Italy, wherein 8 days she visited 15 cities and did not get enough sleep in 6 hotels. We had to get up early, get ready quickly. At the same time, nobody canceled the stunning photos against the backdrop of the Coliseum.
She washed her hair at night, in the morning she woke up with a whisk on her head. But, after moisturizing her hair with indelible hair gel, curling hair curlers, doing all morning procedures, she dressed and took off hair curlers … Hair, having no time to curl (this was not the task), lay down in their usual state and looked well-groomed. That is, in the morning, a friend did not waste time washing her hair, drying, and styling.
Use red lipstick
In order not to waste time decorating the whole face, one stroke of red lipstick is enough. Brightly painted lips, you can not tint eyelashes or do it already at work. All the attention of others will take on the flame and passion of lipstick. There is a small nuance: the tone of the face should be smooth and natural, otherwise, all the imperfections will be visible – pimples, bruises under the eyes. Therefore, before you make up your lips, even out your complexion with tonic. Gwyneth Paltrow said: “Beauty for me is to feel comfortable in my skin and wear killer red lipstick.”
Apply permanent makeup
This is so convenient: I got out of bed – and already at the parade. Tattooing gives a great chance to look good in any conditions, at any time of the day. This is not just saving time, it is also an opportunity to change the color and shape of parts of the face for a long time. It is enough to correct the section of the eyes, lips, and the density of the eyebrows. The effect on the treated area of ​​the face will delight you from one and a half to three years. Imagine how it saves not only time but also money that you will not spend on mascara, pencils and other small boxes.
Iron things in advance
Try to iron things as soon as they are removed from the dryer. You can immediately hang them in the dressing room. In an extreme situation, you will know that all your things are ironed, clean and laid out in their places. Even in a drowsy state, you will be sure that you put on a dress without spots and extra folds. Although there is one caveat – some street styles suggest crumpled things. But this is for lovers.
Sort things
Hang and fold outfits according to their intended use. Skirts – to skirts, blouses – to blouses.
For pantyhose, socks – one compartment, for underwear – another. At the same time, connect socks and socks immediately after washing in pairs, it is no secret that they tend to scatter around different corners of the apartment. It is better to connect them with marriage ties immediately. Make a habit of putting summer things away and vice versa when the cold season begins.
Saving on search: up to 20 minutes.
Cook onions in the evening
You definitely won’t need a garden onion in the morning – we are talking about an outfit. Fortunately, you can now find the hourly weather the next day and understand whether you need to warm up or prepare a light dress. In the evening you will have much more time to think over every detail of the wardrobe, choose the right shades, put aside accessories, get the right shoes.
Saving on fitting: up to 30 minutes.
Change bags more often
What news! It seems like collecting a bag takes a huge amount of time. That’s the focus. The more often you change bags, the sooner you will realize that it takes 2 minutes to complete a daily bag. Half of what we carry in hand luggage, we do not need. What do you use every day? Bankcard, lipstick, comb, phone, keys. All! Let bag collection be an exercise in organizing your personal time.
How much did we save there? Enough. Now there is time for a calm morning coffee and a measured mood for a working day.


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