Eye care: Quickly remove swelling and bruising under the eyes

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Eye care: Bruises under the eyes can appear both after strokes, and for other reasons, for example, due to lack of sleep. To remove the swelling and bruising under the eye caused by each of these reasons, you need in different ways. Primarly eye care is important. 


 How to quickly remove a bruise and swelling under the eye after an impact 

No one is safe from the black eye, because you can get it not only during a fight but also from a sharp careless touch. In the first minutes after the strike, you need to apply something cold to the bruised place. If there is no ice at hand, for example, a cold metal spoon is suitable. If the blow was very painful, it is better to take pain medication.
Then you can buy at the pharmacy any remedy for bruises or use one of the popular methods:
  • Take a choice of coltsfoot, chamomile, linden flowers, cornflowers, celandine. 1 tbsp. l pour herbs 100 ml of boiling water, keep on fire for 10 minutes. and insist another 30 minutes. Dip a cotton pad in the decoction and attach it to the bruise
  • Chop a few sheets of cabbage or scroll through a meat grinder. Apply to the bruise for 20 minutes. Repeat 2-3 times a day
  • Grate raw potatoes and apply them to a bruised area. After half an hour, rinse with cool water
  • Mix 1 yolk, 1 tbsp. l liquid honey, 1 tbsp. l vegetable oil, ½ tbsp. l flour. Apply the mixture to the eye, cover with cellophane, rinse after 2 hours.
Repeat the procedure 3-4 times for several days
The bruise itself will heal for more than a week, so do not ignore the treatment!

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 How to remove bruises and swelling under the eyes 

Regular bruising under the eyes can indicate an abnormal lifestyle, lack of sleep, or diseases associated with the accumulation of fluid in the body.
Start getting enough sleep, sleep 7-8 hours a day. Reduce your salt intake. It retains fluid in the body, resulting in swelling under the eyes.
Use only high-quality face creams and cosmetics. Perhaps your swelling and bruising is an allergic reaction.
If bruises appear in the morning, do self-massage. In the morning immediately after washing, gently massage the skin under the eyes with fingertips. Carefully guide your fingers along the lower eyelid to the bridge of the nose. After that, gently pull the outer corners of the eyes. Finally, squint, slowly count to six and open your eyes.
If the bruise under the eye appeared as a result of an injury, do not despair, give yourself first aid and proceed to its treatment. Well, if the bruises under your eyes are your constant companions, try to change your lifestyle to get rid of them.
Eye care is very important. There is a huge amount of funds for the area around the eyes, which slightly relieve swelling, and also significantly moisturize the skin. However, one of the most effective means that visually relieves dark circles is concealer. He will instantly hide all the imperfections and bruises as never happened.
Also in the fight against edema compresses and facial massage will help, which will accelerate the lymph.
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 Eye care: Quickly remove swelling and bruising under the eyes 


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