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When you think makeup looks for brown eyes, images of brown eye makeup probably come to mind. And while brown can work as the perfect shade for a brown smokey eye looks, it can also be utilized to produce many more! If you’ve yet to explore with brown eyeshadow looks in your makeup habit, now’s your chance. Below, we’re giving how to make five brown eyeshadow looks we like, from ordinary to bold.

 Make the brown eyeshadow looks: 

Step #1: Prime your eyes. As with any eye makeup look, you’ll need to start by using an eye cosmetic primer to your lids.
Step #2: Mix your crease. Apply a bare, matte eye shadow to your crease to produce a blended look.
Step #3: Cover your lids. Color your lids with a deep bronze eye shadow, optionally one with a shimmer method to amp up the bronze vibes.
Step #4: Fix your eyes. To maintain the metallic influence of the look, use a rose gold liquid eyeliner to line your top lash line. Then, use a bronze pencil eyeliner to line your lower lash line, blandly smudging the line for a smoother look.
Step #5: Cover your lashes. Finish your brown eyeshadow look with a few layers of mascara. This might be a bronze makeup look, but it merits to get home the gold!


 Brown eyeshadow looks: 



Did we state we like color combos? Brown and teal seem pretty together and are an especially complimentary couple for those looking for makeup for brown eyes.


Make the look:
Step #1: Prime your eyes. Once again, prep your eyes with primer.
Step #2: Paint your lids. Apply a brown eye shadow to your complete lid using a plane top eye shadow brush. Then, use a naked shade to combine the color into your crease with a blending brush.
Step #3: Add some color. Use a tiny plane top brush to move a teal eye shadow with your lower lash line. Hello, diversity!
Step #4: Apply mascara. Finish your brown eyeshadow look with a few layers of producing mascara. That’s it!






It doesn’t take more standard than a brown smoky eye. Wearable for almost any occasion, it’s a must in our collection of brown eyeshadow looks.
Make the look:
Step #1: Take your eye primer. First thing’s first: Prime your eyes!
Step #2: Make it smoky. This brown smoky eye will be most comfortable to recreate with the help of a brown eyeshadow palette. First, apply an average brown hue to your lid. Then, pop a naked shade onto the inside third of your lid. Increase the look—and get something smoky—by utilizing the deepest brown tone in your crease, producing sure to combine well. Finish by pulling the same medium brown tone you began with along your lower lash line, smudging blandly as you go.
Step #3: Wing it out. What’s a smoky eye without winged eyeliner? Use a liquid liner to achieve your cat-eye.
Step #4: Apply mascara. Make your brown smoky eye with a few layers of mascara.

 Top 3 brown eyeshadow looks you love 


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